About H2gO

an affordable water purifying system

Disinfection is the #1 water treatment technology recommended by leading health organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The H2gO Purifier was designed by Aqua Research, Inc., for hikers and campers, travelers, missionaries, Peace Corps volunteers, first responders, disaster relief, and emergency kits. However, the ultimate dream is to provide cost-effective and sustainable water treatment to the people who need it most – those with no access to safe water. Our goal is to help reduce the devastating impact of unsafe water, both physical and financial.

Even with the safe water produced from other systems, it is best to treat it with chlorine because the container used for storing the water may be contaminated, or people will cross drink from the same container.  On-going residual disinfection provided by chlorine is very important. 

For more details on the H2gO, check out https://aquaresearch.com/h2go-purifier/.

About the H2gO Global ...

How to Operate the H2gO Purifier - Click on photo to view video.

Aqua Research designed this purifier for the developing world, which means it meets World Health Organization (WHO) standards as defined in the Household Water Treatment Scheme (HWTS). The Global purifier creates a consistent disinfectant dose of 2.5 ppm sodium hypo-chlorite + hydrogen peroxide. It will treat 300 liters (75 gallons) per battery charge and can be recharged repeatedly via the on-board solar panel or the micro USB port. If recharged once per week, providing 40 liters (10 gallons) per day, then the device will last a family at least 10 years.  The only on-going cost is the price of common salt to operate the unit - $0.50 per year – and salt is universally available.