Our Plan

Mother and children in front of their home.

Why Haiti?

After several humanitarian aid trips to Haiti, we have witnessed first-hand the many needs of the people of this island nation where access to safe clean water is a constant struggle.

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Typical street in Rivière Froide.

Rivière Froide

While we hope to expand elsewhere in the future, our focus for now is the community of Rivière Froide in the Haitian commune of Carrefour. Working with the Little Brothers of St. Thérèse in Rivière Froide, the Friar Suppliers (a New York a Catholic charity), and Aqua Research, LLC, we have access to a proven aid network to provide much needed assistance where it is needed. This is the where piece for us.

Barrels of goods that have been shipped to Rivière Froide by Friar Suppliers.


The how piece for us is to place H2gO Global water purifiers directly in the hands of Haitians in need of safe water. Diseases such as cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid are linked to contaminated water and poor sanitation.  So safe water is essential. But providing water purifiers is not enough.

Rodney Herrington, inventor of the H2gO water purifier, with interested students.


There is an education component to what we do.  The benefits of purifying your drinking water will not be realized unless the system is correctly and consistently used.  It takes only a single drink from an unsafe water source to pick up a water-borne disease.

A proud father enters his new home and learns how to use the H2gO water purifier that he has just received. The H2gO will provide his family with safe drinking water.

Rodney Herrington shows how to use the STREAM system at the Alta Vista orphanage.  With the STREAM system, the orphanage has safe drinking water.